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Missions Ministry

It is the belief of this church that the spreading of the Gospel is of utmost importance in all missionary efforts, while at the same time meeting other human needs.

We support the following missions monetarily each quarter:

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries - Director Ron Ramsell Route 3, Box 200, Kansas, Oklahoma. Cookson Hills operates a Christian School and Home. They have more than 1,000 acres where homes with "fathers" and "mothers" minister to a "family" of children. They are "helping young people break the cycle of abuse, neglect, rebellion and failure in their lives". Learn more at

IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service) - Director Rick Jett, Box 60, Kempton, Indiana. IDES has a program labeled H.O.P.E. . It stands for Helping Other People Eternally. "By meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of people we not only provide help for the present, but also hope for the future." IDES is found helping in many areas of the world where there is a need. Recently, there were 81 houses restored in the gulf coast. They supply Bibles where needed. They provide relief where flooding, earthquakes or storms have struck. Some foreign countries where aid is currently going are Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Burma, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan. They provide food, shelter and the Gospel message wherever they can. Medical assistance is provided in some countries. They sponsor work teams to serve in many work projects. Check about IDES at

WRE (Weekly Religious Education-Church Federation) - Sponsored by the Plainfield Church Federation This local training program enables fourth graders to have a time of prayer and basic Bible study. Parents approving for their fourth grader to be involved agree to have him or her taken to the United Methodist Church once a week for Bible activities. This is a wonderful program of Bible instruction permitted by our government

Wheeler Mission Ministries - President Rick Alvis. Delaware St. Indianapolis. This is a rescue mission for the homeless in Indianapolis. They serve food to 40 to 50 men each night. This mission's program goes far beyond providing food as it has camping for kids, Christmas gifts for poor families, counseling to help the down and out, etc. In 2007 they served 50,000 meals in November and December and provided 20,000 nights of shelter. Learn about this mission at

Hanging Rock Christian Assembly, Inc. - P.O. Box 218, West Lebanon, Indiana, 47991. This is a Christian camp and retreat center for youth and adults. Each summer a number of the youth from our church attend one week or more in a Godly learning atmosphere. Usually our youth leaders provide activities where each young person can earn money toward attending camp and the church subsidizes the expense of those who attend. .

Lifeline Christian Mission - 184 Olde County Line Road Westerville, Ohio 43081. Helping and encouraging churches in Honduras, El Salvador and Haiti. They conduct mission trips to build homes and church buildings in these areas. The mission offers food, medical needs and clothing.

Mid-India Christian Mission - Stanley and Dolly Lall and many others of the Lall family and their associates. This mission is very active in spreading the Gospel in India. They operate a media center producing printed materials and a radio station. There is a large school and a Bible college. They are planting churches in India and are reaching out through medical missions. There are many ways Christians can help.

Sheltering Wings Center for Women - Ann Grayson is the Executive Director. P.O Box Danville, IN. 46122. Sheltering Wings helps abused women and their children by providing housing, counseling, and even job placement. They maintain a crisis call line and lead out in educating our community in detecting and preventing abuse. Sheltering Wings receives no tax support, but relies on the contributions of generous individuals, churches, businesses and other organizations. The Mission has a 44 bed shelter ands provides life skills training and children's programs. In 2007 they housed 438 women and children and had 814 crisis calls. See

Life Centers - Brian Boone, President, There are 10 pregnancy center locations. This Ministry provides "the real alternative of choosing life and hope in Christ in contrast to the choice that Planned Parenthood offers in its efforts to promote abortions in our community." The Crisis Pregnancy Center provides a program called GRACE in which women and men receive counseling in post abortion situations. Their statement is that "We believe that a primary purpose of God's heart is His holy passion for life---the people made in His very image."

American Rehabilitation Ministry Prison Outreach International - Joe Garmon, Director. They serve adult, juvenile and military correctional institutions around the world. There are branch ministries in Cambodia, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Thailand and the Philippines. Correspondence Bible courses are sent to inmates and there were 18816 students at the end of 2006! Hundreds of volunteers grade these Bible courses and mail needed American Bible Society Bibles to inmates. In addition to their ministry to jails and prisons, they rescue and teach young women who were prostitutes. This is a vibrant ministry with results for the Lord around the world. and

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